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Dream bigger! Personalized tutoring from an experienced tutor can make all the difference. S Curve Tutoring is California’s premier in-home and online tutoring service. We match students, grades K-12, with highly qualified online tutors. Book a free consultation NOW.

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Introducing supplemental curriculum to struggling students causes confusion and further frustration. Because every student's academic situation varies, our credentialed tutors tailor their lesson plan to accommodate every student's specific needs. Our team, experienced in teaching the current common core standards, ensures our instruction is aligned with your child's school curriculum

High School


Our tutors have got your back whether you are struggling with AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP English, AP Physics, or any other class; our tutors have got your back! Our dedication, to enriching students' minds in course content and study techniques, has resulted in an average whole grade increase after the 10th meeting. We personalize our tutoring to apply the course material in areas the student is interested in. It is time for your to bounce back.

History Speaks For It Self....


Whole Grade Increased

on average after the 10th meeting


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"As a father, grandfather and educator, I am always looking for great educators who take a sincere interest in making a difference with every child. S-Curve Tutoring is excellent at sharing your child's educational needs with you. They are equally great at sharing what the ongoing educational needs still are and why it is important that the student/child reaches their goals. I, personally, find it refreshing to have all the facts laid out for you and to have all your concerns answered in a clear concise manner."

Ryan Armstrong